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Hola! We’re your Smile Guardian

At Charter Oak Dental, we celebrate the joy of a bright, healthy smile. When you visit our office, you enter a world full of ‘choices’. You’ll get the information you require for making the best decision for a radiant and youthful smile.

Combining our expertise in dentistry with state-of-the-art innovations, our amazing team treats you like family in a relaxing ambience and makes your experience comfortable and delightful.

Everything you need, plus a little extra.


It starts with YOU
We never let your smile go out of style!

We understand that our patients experience so many emotions when subjected to dental equipment, but worry not, we can give a home-like solace to you.

Be it our proficient experts’s guidance or compassionate care from the amazing staff, we ensure that you feel home-like. Whether it’s periodontal, pediatric, general dentistry or emergency, we strive for excellence and render patient-centred services with the warmth you deserve.

An exquisite state-of-the-art facilities, and breathtaking views of the city await you – Be ready to leave all your fears at the door as you step in and embrace our high-spirited efforts.

Our Golden Rule!

“We treat the patients, the way we would like us to be treated if we were the patients and they were the dentists.”

Discover brighter smiles, cleaner teeth, and healthier gums.

Dr. Lopa Shah, DMD, BDS

Come… Meet us at our experiential abode where art, culture, music and community meet to experience passionate dentistry. Meet Dr. Lopa

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Patient Review

Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does

Fantastic dentist and staff. The office was clean, pleasant and comfortable, and unlike a lot of local dentists, they were running right on time. The dentist answered all my questions, and wasn't dismissive or impatient. The cleaning was painless, and their machine makes x-rays much less unpleasant. This is the best dental practice I've been to since I left my long-time dentist more than two decades ago. After some bad experiences with other places, I was terrified to go even for a cleaning. This place has completely eased my mind. Definitely recommended.

Kristen Willis

Amazing dentist!!! Reassuring, responsive, and very attentive. Staff as well very hospitable and caring. Best dentist I ever went too I would recommend to anyone!!!

Serenity Omega

Dr. Lopa Shah is the best dentist I've seen ever. They're not only professional they make sure you feel comfortable with the procedures to be perform. From Elizabeth, Front Desk Receptionist to Dr. Shah Assistant, Diana Tiffany I highly recommend them.

Melody Guzman

Best dentist I have ever seen. The whole staff makes u feel relaxed and comfortable. No pain wow I had teeth pulled and fillens done u got to go.

Nancy Boucher

Great Office and friendly staff. Love the Doctor

Sneha gadam


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