New Patient Program

What to expect at your first appointment

Hey, have you been looking for a Dental Office that gives admission to new patients?

Your smile guardian can help you out. Famous for doing things differently, we will take care of everything.

Confused whether we are worthy enough?

Well, you are always welcomed for a complimentary 30-minute session at our cozy abode in New Britain, Connecticut.

What can you expect?

  • A quick form filling to know your details and existing dental issues
  • An introduction with our dentists with a chance to get your dental history reviewed
  • A detailed discussion about your medical history to provide the top-notch dental assistance
  • And of course, you get a second opinion other than what you got to know from other dentists

By the time you finish your get-to-know-you session, our amazing team prepares a small analysis of the health of your teeth and gums with their prospective treatments.

If you feel content enough, you are more than welcome for a collaborative journey in the future with us towards your ever-charming smile.

Your Appointment day

Now that you have chosen us, worry no more, we will take care of everything so that your faithfulness in us remains intact forever.

Thinking of documents required for the new patient form?

Be assured, you have our back! Plus, if you have an insurance plan, chill back and relax, we will collate all the information and provide it to you.

Got more queries?

Call us (Link with the number)

Things you should expect from your appointment

  • We value time, we value you! No waiting, no fuss. Your appointment starts on time.
  • Your comfort remains our priority. You get to enjoy the relaxing setup at our dental office
  • It starts, with you; it ends with you!

We are ready for all your questions, so come on, shoot it at us.

Unleash the best dental experience – New Patient Form (Appointment Form)