Baby Bottle Decay

Baby Bottle Decay

Baby bottle decay or ECC (Early Childhood Caries) is the most common chronic infectious childhood disease.


  • ECC occurs when baby’s teeth are exposed to foods/liquids with high sugar content for prolonged periods of time.
  • Most common cause of giving babies a bottle of milk, formula, juice, sugar water, soda or soft drinks before or during bedtime.
  • Decay producing bacteria also passes from caregivers by sharing spoons, kissing or cleaning pacifiers in parents / Caregivers mouth.
  • Extended / Prolonged breastfeeding (Letting babies sleep while feeding is not recommended).


  • Maintain adequate oral hygiene when you’re pregnant.
  • Never dip a pacifier in honey to soothe a crying baby.
  • Never clean the pacifier by putting it in your mouth.
  • Oral hygiene. A) Infant stage: Even when your baby has no teeth, it is important that you clean their gums with a clean cloth/ gauze After the first tooth erupts, you can start using a soft toothbrush / finger brush to brush your baby’s teeth. You don’t have to use a toothpaste. (B)Toddler stage: brush their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. A smear of fluoride toothpaste can be used.
  • Check if your water supply is fluoridated. If not ask your dentist or doctor to prescribe fluoride supplements.
  • Try weaning them off of bottles and sippy cups. Train them to drink milk from Regular cups.
  • Avoid sticky a and sugary foods. Whole Fruits are better than fruit juices. If you prefer juices, give it during meal times.


  • Decay in babies start as a white chalky appearance at or near the gum line.
  • If you have any doubts talk to your dentist.
  • Babies first dental appointment should be within 6 months of the first erupted tooth or by their first birthday.
  • Ask us more during your visit.