Options For Replacement Of Missing Teeth

Options For Replacement Of Missing Teeth

  • Implants
  • Bridge (FPD)
  • Resin bridge (Maryland bridge)
  • Removable Partial denture
  • Complete denture
  • Implant supported dentures


  • Teeth are important. They help you chew, speak, smile and also help you maintain overall good health.
  • Missing teeth can be because of many reasons, most common of which are: dental caries, trauma / fractures, congenitally missing teeth or periodontal problems.
  • Replacement of missing tooth / Teeth is important to prevent bigger problems later.


  • Teeth like to be in contact with each other. If a tooth is missing and not replaced, eventually the teeth adjacent to missing tooth space start moving towards each other. Tooth opposing the missing tooth space starts migrating towards the space.
  • This causes malocclusion and periodontal problems of those teeth.
  • Also when there’s no tooth, there’s no stimuli; so your gum and jaw bone starts to deteriorate in that particular area of your mouth.


  • They are the number 1 choice these days for replacement of missing teeth.
  • They look like screws and acts like a natural tooth root.
  • They give the appearance and feel of a natural tooth.
  • They are best for replacing single tooth.
  • They need surgical placement.


  • A dental bridge is a fake tooth for the missing space called a pontic, which is held together by crowing the teeth adjacent to the missing space.
  • It takes couple of visits, but when done, it gives the appearance and feel of natural teeth as well.
  • It is quicker, easier and cheaper to get dental bridge as compared to implants.
  • Con: Needs special type of floss to floss underneath the bridge. Needs preparation of adjacent teeth.


  • These are conservative and much more cost effective option for replacing teeth.
  • They require some teeth preparation to accumulator the thickness of the bridge.
  • They are not very durable especially when compared to conventional bridges.
  • They are mostly recommended for the anterior missing teeth (front teeth) — for single tooth replacement.


  • Least expensive option.
  • Can replace multiple missing teeth by taking support of existing natural teeth and alveolar bone. And helps in chewing and other functions.
  • There are different options like: cast partial denture, flexible partial denture, acrylic partial denture –there are indications and contraindications to all these—your dentist decides which is best for you.
  • Cons: needs to be removed by night, cleaned, less durable than implants or bridges, it takes time and effort for patients to get used to them.


  • These are used for patients with all or most teeth missing
  • They need several visits to the dentist for different kinds of measurements
  • They take time to get used to but they help you restore function and esthetics (smile, lip and cheek support, chewing etc).
  • There are also options like over dentures and implant supported dentures which are much more retentive options.


  • Ask your dentist which option is best for you that fits your oral health needs and your budget as well.
  • All these options are good and better than leaving a space in your mouth; which will further deteriorate your oral health.
  • At charter oak dental we don’t believe in “one size fits all”. We do a thorough evaluation and consultation of your oral health and then carefully make and present a treatment plan for you.
  • Ask us more during your visit at charter oak dental.

Dr. Lopa Shah, DMD

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