Your Smile Is Important

Your Smile Is Important

Benefits of Smiling:

Smiles are contagious. When you’re smiling people around you also feels like smiling. Smile lifts up your mood and makes people around you feel good as well.

The society often makes assumptions about you by the way you smile. People who smile often are considered friendly and courteous. And people who don’t smile openly often and have stressed appearance are considered to be lacking in honesty. When you’re smiling, you look more attractive and confident. You seem more approachable and friendly. As it is said smile is the prettiest thing anyone could wear. That’s why people with smiles gets promoted more often at work places.

We have heard this so many times that the First impression is the last impression. When you meet someone new — be it a new friend, business person or a date, you greet them with a nice smile and a hand shake. If your smile is strained at that time, they’ll find you less friendly and lacking in confidence. This few second can make or break your relationship with that person.

A Smile can also have health benefits. When you’re smiling your body releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which elevates you mood and makes you feel good. It also helps reducing the blood pressure, pain and stress. Smiling can also boost your immune system and increases endurance as well.

Feeling nervous about your smile?

While a smile can have so many benefits at personal, professional and social level, some people are still very nervous about their smile. They keep hiding their smiles behind their hands. They tend to not laugh or smile wide when they’re surrounded by people. At subconscious level this brings them a lot of unhappiness . They’re embarrassed because they don’t like the way their teeth look.

Thankfully this is correctable by a dentist. At Charter Oak Dental, New Connecticut, we have had many patients who had a fear of smiling in public and they now feel so confident. I have so many patients who says that they feel more confident and good about themselves. They’re able to close more deals and are able to advance in their profession after they got their smiles corrected.

What should I do?

Talk to you dentist. There are a number of options your dentist can suggest you to improve your smile and feel more confident. Some options may need more work. But be patient and I’m sure you’ll get the best results.

A genuine smile can go a long way. It can bring you the confidence you never knew you had in you! It brings happiness to you and people surrounding you. Keep smiling. Remember that you’re beautiful the way you are but give us an opportunity to make you more confident in the way you smile.