Are you still exploring the options of getting a crown fixed on your teeth? 

It is recommended by dentists to have a crown placed after RCT as the tooth weakens. Crown is a replica of the upper part of teeth that covers the teeth till the gum line. With this procedure, the injured tooth that is weak now can be restored to its original form. It is normal to lose some of the structure during root canal treatment, but it needs to be rehabilitated at the same time.

About crowns

Commonly known as Dental Caps, Crown is a type of dental restoration covering the teeth or implant. It can also be used if the cavity is large and involves more teeth damage.

Different types of crowns are available today such as Porcelain, Full Ceramic crown, a full metal crown, Porcelain fused metal crown, and Stainless steel crown.

Full ceramic, porcelain crowns are known best for their aesthetic properties as they can be customized according to the tooth shade of the patient. Porcelain Fused metal crown has the additional property of strength and durability, which helps in the long life of a crown.

What to keep in mind before selecting Crown

Selection of crown is dependent on a few factors like

  • Patient’s preference
  • Position of teeth to be replaced 
  • The function of the teeth which need crown placement (Anterior teeth apply less force, but posterior teeth apply more force for mastication)
  • The patient needs a crown for aesthetic purpose or functional demand

When do you need a crown?

  • To restore a tooth which is already broken or splinted
  • Protecting the teeth which have undergone endodontic treatment
  • For holding the dental bridge
  • It is used to cover the tooth with a large cavity as the tooth cannot hold the restoration
  • It covers implant

At Charter Oak Dental, you can get your custom made crowns designed to match your natural teeth shade.

Keep Calm and trust your Smile Guardians!