Are you embarrassed of going out in the public due to your missing tooth??

Your Smile Guardian can help you and give you the world’s best smile !

If your teeth decayed due to aging or got disrupted due to accidental injury, worry no more.We will fix anything and everything.

We specialize in Dentures, replacing your missing teeth using our latest highly advanced methods.

Missing teeth comes with a host of health issues and also makes you feel awkward in a social environment, thus amounting to low confidence and stress.

Need for replacement of missing tooth

  • Permanent teeth have importance in mastication and speech
  • A missing tooth causes difficulty while talking and eating
  • Absence of teeth causes sagging of facial muscles
  • Teeth positioned adjacent or opposite to a missing tooth will start erupting in the space available
  • Jaw bone starts shrinking
  • The recession of gums of the tooth adjacent to the missing tooth

Features of dentures

Dentures are an artificial substitute for natural teeth and surrounding tissues

  • It is compatible with surrounding tissues in the oral cavity
  • Provides aesthetics
  • Corporates with speech, breathing process, and mastication
  • Conserves the remaining tooth structures

Types of dentures

  • Complete Denture– Used by old age patients, it’s a removable prosthesis that replaces teeth of both upper and lower arch. It is placed after 8-12 weeks after the removal of teeth.
  • Partial Dentures– Partial dentures are used in patients who have few missing teeth as it is convenient to use and removable.
  • Custom Dentures– Specially designed according to the patient’s anatomy, the dentures are customized to design a natural smile.
  • Over Dentures– The removable dentures are placed on the gums and are supported by the implant. 
  • Immediate dentures– Especially made for the individual who needs replacement of teeth immediately after extraction, these dentures are placed over the extracted region and the healing continues along with the denture.

Though Dentures are not the only option to replace missing teeth, it is one of the preferred ways.

At Charter Oak Dental office, you are provided with various options for the missing tooth where our specialist dentists will guide you throughout the procedures, working with your preferences to help you choose the best treatment plan.