Do you think about visiting your dentist at a regular period? 

Why isn’t a dentist as important as your general physician? 

Why don’t we give much priority to our Oral health? 


Oral health should be given as much priority as we give to our whole body, as it is one of the indispensable parts of our health. Oral health not just covers teeth problems but it is also concerned with the health of gums, tongue, mouth, jaw and neck.

Oral health is a reflection of your normal health and lifestyle

Your teeth are not only important for your health but also help you in the social environment. Your smile marks the first impression on your peers, projecting you as a confident person. Apart from increasing your immunity, your dental hygiene greatly helps in overall aesthetics.

Poor oral health has grave consequences on your normal health, and any illness in the body will show an effect on your oral cavity. That’s why you shouldn’t consider your oral health, apart from your overall health.

It is highly recommended by health experts worldwide to at least visit your dentist twice a year, as several types of infections and dental problems can be examined by dental professionals only.

Cultivating healthy habits for challenging and for teeth, even more! That’s why, here at Charter Oak Dental, we not just treat your problems, but also analyze your nutritional and lifestyle patterns to help you adopt healthy habits.

It is easier to build strong teeth than to repair the broken ones