No one can take our smile away when dental decay is kept miles away

Are you worried about the cavity in your tooth? 

Are you afraid if people are going to notice it?

Well, fret not! You just need to pay a visit to the dentist for Indirect Tooth-colored Restoration. 

Dentistry has leaped to new heights in recent times, riding on the back of technological innovations. Now, restorative materials can be customized according to preferences and can be made to match the teeth color. These are developed to have high strength and durability, can resist wear and tear, and are resistant to chemicals.

With these restorations, no one will be able to recognize that there was a cavity once.

These restorations are made with advanced technology which completely resembles the host tooth structure. At Charter Oak Dental, our clients have several options for the materials to choose from.

About indirect tooth-colored restoration

Indirect restorations are the type of restoration that is fabricated outside the oral cavity and then inserted later. Examples of these can be Crown, Inlay and Onlay, Bridges.

It is a technique sensitive procedure. 

When should you choose indirect restoration?

  1. It is mainly used in areas that are important esthetically i.e. anterior tooth.
  2. To restore the tooth with a large cavity or tooth with damaged one or more cusps.
  3. If the previous restoration is hampered.
  4. For the tooth in which RCT has been done.


  1. Ceramic restorations have higher wear strength than composite restoration.
  2. Tooth structure that has lost its strength can be restored properly with indirect restoration.
  3. Less time required

At Charter Oak Dental, we have a team of expert dentists who have years of experience using state-of-the-art infrastructure, in pursuit of providing utmost dental care to all.

Let’s preserve that smile!