Talking to someone and worried about the bad odor of your mouth?

Tired of continuously having minty gums?

You must be going crazy thinking about the first impressions that you are making in your social interactions. Though according to you, your oral hygiene regimen is up to the mark.

Hate to spill the beans, but the truth is–Your oral hygiene is not up to the mark!

Poor oral hygiene can lead to severe complications in the future like gum diseases, bone loss, immunity reduction among several other long-term effects.

About Oral Prophylaxis 

Oral Prophylaxis, in simple terms, means “cleaning of tooth surface”.

In this procedure, Plaque & Calculus (Tartar) is removed from the tooth and root surface. Oral prophylaxis acts as a preventive measure to prevent various gum and periodontal diseases. Oral Prophylaxis can’t be performed at home by yourself and it is recommended to visit your dentist for removal of Calculus. 

Why should you opt for Oral Prophylaxis?

  • It prevents bad breath (halitosis) which occurs mainly due to the deposition of food particles that remain for a long period and causes infections.
  • Removes stains from the tooth surface and prevents the tooth from having a dull surface.
  • Stops bleeding gums.
  • Prevents early tooth loss.
  • The rupturing of gums can be stopped from the early stage.
  • Prophylaxis acts as a preventive measure to stop Heart disease, stroke.
  • Used before starting orthodontic treatment.

Advancements in Equipment

Oral prophylaxis in recent times have been in great demand because of the commencement of Ultrasonic scaling instruments. It’s a safe procedure which causes no pain, requires much lesser time, and is highly precised.

At Charter Oak Dental, our highly trained expert dentists take utmost care to provide you Oral Prophylaxis treatment, using state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We know that your teeth should always be in style!