Thinking about getting your teeth straight, but the picture of you with braces makes you feel miserable?

Well, don’t panic! 

About Clear Aligner

Braces aren’t the only option to correct our teeth. Technology has brought us numerous gifts to secretly correct our smile. A clear aligner is a creative tool that helps in smile correction. It is a transparent, custom made tray to correct crooked and tilted teeth which aid in keeping you completely out of sight from others.

Specially customized for individuals, these are designed by digitally scanning your mouth and then the movement of teeth by the dentist is planned accordingly. Made using acrylic and transparent plastic material, it can be easily removed for eating, brushing, flossing, etc. 

With an increase in awareness about aesthetics and orthodontic treatment, treatment planning can be instant with Clear Aligners. You will be able to see and check your new smile design before the fabrication of aligners. These take somewhere around 6 to 12 months for proper correction of teeth.

Advantages of Clear aligner over traditional Braces

  • Less visibility 
  • Removable–The patient can remove aligners while eating, cleaning teeth.
  • More comfortable
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene as it is removable.
  • Shows result in half time as compared to braces as Clear Aligner straightens teeth in 6 to 12 months.
  • Improves oral health.
  • Restores smile.

As your teeth will become straight, you will start noticing the improvement in overall health and confidence. It is recommended to maintain proper dental care as then only the treatment can provide permanent results.

Remember, Dentistry is NOT expensive – Neglect is!