How many times have you had to drag your kid to the dentist’s office? 

Is the fear of the dentist coming in between their dental health?

Well, not at Charter Oak Dental! 

Here, we love having kids. We understand the importance of creating an environment where they can feel safe, comfortable, and are able to express themselves completely. Our experts take extra care in completely eradicating the dental fear so that your child can understand the importance of oral health. Our kid’s friendly dental office provides dental care for all the aspects of Pediatric dentistry, to address the needs and the issues of your child.

Pediatric dentistry is the age defined branch that deals with diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases of children till the age of adolescence. Pediatric dentists undergo special qualifications and training to gain experience in providing dental services to children.

How our dental office is designed for kids

We have gone the extra mile in designing our dental office to provide a sense of pleasure and comfort

  • A special waiting room is made which is separate from the clinical area.
  • Playroom for kids to familiarize themselves with the dental office and staff.
  • Wallpapers of their famous cartoon characters along with small play tables for them 


Parenting is the biggest responsibility anyone on earth can have. A parent has to take care of all the needs, desires of your child, and a crucial role to play in developing healthy habits in their child. Establishing proper oral hygiene habits is very important in the first year of their life. Recommended by experts worldwide, the practices of preventive dentistry should be initiated from the period of pregnancy until 6 years of age.

Prenatal education

  • The pregnant mother needs to have information about the nutrition requirements.
  • Oral hygiene maintenance is important during pregnancy also.
  • The mother should take a proper diet during the third trimester as the formation of milk teeth takes place.

Postnatal (after birth) education

It is the most important phase of counseling for new parents and should be followed rigorously

  • Breastfeeding is advised.
  • The Baby’s mouth should be cleaned with water and cotton after feeding.
  • High sugar-containing food should be avoided.
  • As the first tooth erupts around 6 months, you should visit your dentist to get it examined.
  • Parents should make their kid brush teeth twice daily, providing knowledge of the correct brushing technique.

What to do if oral habits develop?

Oral habits are the habits acquired by children that can have temporary or permanent effects on the developing teeth and the supporting structures. Quick identification and visit to the dental office can prove beneficial to prevent the ill effects.

We love to see you and your kids smile!