PULPECTOMY (Root Canal Treatment)

PULPECTOMY (Root canal treatment in children)

Children are susceptible to a high risk of caries as the first tooth erupts. One major reason behind Caries can be attributed to the high sugar content in the diet. If care is not taken at the initial stage, then it risks spreading the infection to the pulp of the teeth. As pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, the Caries build-up will bring a lot of pain and sensitivity. 

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About Pulpectomy

It is a technique in which diseased pulp is removed from the root canal to maintain the tooth in a healthy state. Though the method remains the same, the treatment plans are completely different for adults and children owing to a few exclusive features of milk tooth.

  • Primary teeth resorb naturally for the eruption of permanent teeth. So, after the removal of the infectious part from milk teeth, special material needs to be placed so that it can also resorb naturally. 
  • Primary teeth decay at a faster rate than permanent teeth. So, the treatment needs to be done at the early stage to control infection or else it risks infecting the underlying permanent teeth. 

If you find your child with severe dental pain due to infection, you need to visit the Dental office to get a proper assessment and consultation about the treatment plans. If detected early, the teeth can be saved and treated without the need for extraction.

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