Does that black spot on your teeth scare you?

Do you wake up every morning bothered by last night’s food stuck in that cavity?

Well, that’s not a serious issue yet, but soon can be.

That small black cavity is called Dental Caries. Dental Caries is one of the most common infections faced by almost everyone, at least one. As our lifestyle choices are changing, increasing dependency on processed and canned food, tooth decay has become a prominent issue.

Dental caries if not treated on time will eventually lead to infections and pain, increasing tooth sensitivity.


Restoration Dentistry, as the name suggests, involves restoration of the infected tooth. In this process, the infected part of the tooth is removed, cleaned and then is filled with restorative materials.

Restoration not only aids in preventing infection from spreading but also helps to repair the structure missing due to caries and maintains the function of the tooth.


We, at Charter Oak Dental, provide several options for filling materials which are chosen by our dental experts as per your dental situation.

We ensure that a well-informed decision is taken to make your journey smoother.

We guarantee our fillings to be

1) Durable, High Strength, Non-toxic & Bioactive

2) Tooth colored material to maintain aesthetics (Composite, GIC, Resin based composite, and Compomers)

3) Especially designed to prevent chances of secondary Caries.


  • Administration of Local anesthesia (To prevent painful experience)
  • Removal of infectious part (Caries)
  • Tooth preparation (To retain the restorative material for longer duration)
  • Placement of filling
  • And finally, your cavities will vanish

Remember, not all cavities can be judged by the patients. They can only be diagnosed during a routine checkup.

A regular checkup a year keeps the cavities away!