Do you have a toothache?

Has the black spot that was painless till now, started giving you a hard time? 

Dental pain is usually of a very high intensity, and can only be understood by the one going through it.

Root canal therapy can rescue you from such intensified pains.

It is done when the infection spreads to the root surface. It eliminates the inflammation and preserves the tooth structure.

When do we need to do RCT?

  1. It all starts with a small cavity (due to Caries). Initially, there is no pain in the tooth but the infection spreads slowly and reaches the root surface at pulp. The pulp contains nerve cells and blood vessels which cause severe pain.
  2. RCT may be required if there is chipped tooth due to trauma and when it is not posible to treat it through restoration.

About Root canal treatment 

Root Canal treatment involves the treatment of inadequately damaged teeth. Here, the pulp of the tooth is removed as inflammation is there. After removing the pulp, the root canal is disinfected, cleaned, and sealed.

Why do we need to remove the infected pulp?

When the infection reaches the pulp, the bacteria start accumulating in the canal and multiplies. This causes the spread of infection beyond the root and forms abscess. Abscess applies pressure at the nerve endings and leads to throbbing pain.  


  1. Cleaning of root canal – For painless therapy, we administer local anesthesia. Removal of the diseased or dead pulp.
  2. Cleaning, Shaping of canals.
  3. Filling the root canal with a biocompatible material (Gutta-percha).
  4. As the tooth structure becomes weak, a crown should be placed. So that the tooth becomes efficient to function.

At Charter Oak Dental, we provide you with the custom-made crowns according to your tooth size, tooth-color, durability and stain-resistance.

Example- Ceramic, Metal ceramic, Porcelain, and Zirconia

Root canal treatment is not as horrifying as it has been made to look like. With our pain-free specialty treatment, our expert dentists take all the precautions to preserve your smile.

Root Canal doesn’t cause pain. They relieve it!