PREGNANCY DENTAL CARE: Our foremost duty

PREGNANCY DENTAL CARE: Our foremost duty

Are you pregnant?

Well, if you are, then there are things that you must know!

It’s a common misconception to avoid dental procedures during pregnancy, which results in mothers not being able to address their dental issues on time.

Let’s not allow confusion and hesitation to rule over our health!

When visiting the Dental office during pregnancy, inform your dentist about your pregnancy and the corresponding medications you are taking as it will help your dentist to devise a treatment strategy accordingly.

Things to keep in mind during pregnancy

  • Hormonal change during pregnancy can cause many periodontal diseases, pregnancy-induced gingivitis, dry mouth. You should take care of oral hygiene properly and if pain and discomfort increase, inform your dentist.
  • Morning sickness is quite common during pregnancy, which causes difficulty while brushing. It is advised to use a small toothbrush and to change the flavor of toothpaste, which will prevent the gag reflex.
  • Development of teeth in the baby occurs around the 3rd to 6th month of pregnancy, so you should be careful about diet to support healthy teeth formation in the baby.
  • Any dental procedure is safe during the second trimester of pregnancy.
  • In the case where X-rays are required, then it needs to be done with all precautions. 

Dental health is the mirror of your overall health and it is important to maintain it during pregnancy as well.

At Charter Oak Dental in New Britain, Connecticut, our expert staff practices enhanced precautions for expecting mothers and assists them throughout the sessions.

There is always a reason to smile. Find it!