Wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth

Have you got the last tooth in your mouth? 

Well, Congratulations, but yeah, that pain!

We all have been there and we understand the pain due to the eruption of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth

Also called Third Molars, the Wisdom tooth is the last one in line to erupt in human dentition. Though the usual age for an eruption is 17-21 years, it’s not the same for everyone, for a few, it comes out around 23-24 years too. Most wisdom teeth are impacted in the bone as there is no space in the oral cavity which is why the process becomes painstakingly stressful.

Problems due to impacted wisdom tooth

  1. It causes inflammation of the gums present around wisdom teeth called Pericoronitis.
  2. Caries develop in wisdom teeth as well as the adjacent tooth.
  3. It can also cause development of a cyst.

When should we go for the extraction of wisdom teeth?

Don’t ignore if you have these symptoms

  • Pain in the posterior region of the jaw
  • Inability to open mouth (Trismus)
  • Swelling in face
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Fever due to pain

Treatment of Impacted wisdom tooth

Impacted Wisdom teeth can be easily managed and treated with Patient reassurance, Antibiotic therapy, and maintenance of oral hygiene.

For the permanent removal process, the impacted surgical tooth can be extracted through surgery, which involves the removal of some part of the bone to extract affected teeth.

Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than the diamond in the pocket!